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Chrome Plating

Due to the versatile properties of Chrome Plating it is widely used throughout different industries for decorative, as well as technical purposes.

SWMF offers four different processes, which should be chosen depending on the requirements of the coating.


The extreme hardness of Hard Chrome Plating (over 1000 HV) is produced by the structure of the deposit. Furthermore the deposit has a very low coefficient of friction. These two properties together with the ability to apply very high thicknesses make Chrome Plating the perfect coating for wear resistance.

(A general thickness of 0.13mm (0.005”) is ample for most plating applications, but higher thicknesses of over 1mm is also possible)
It can be applied to stainless steels, cast irons, copper alloys, bronzes and nickel alloys. An excellent adhesion can be achieved on a variety of surfaces whether ground, finely turned or high polished.

Hard Chrome Plating is widely used in the aerospace industry as well as hydraulic industry, machine construction.

Chrome plating applied for a technical purpose with a very low thickness is called FLASH CHROME PLATING


Decorative Chrome plating has, due to its very high reflectivity, a non-replaceable noble appearance with a mirror-like slightly blue gloss. The finish also known as Bright Chrome plating is produced by electroplating pre polished substrates firstly with copper and Nickel followed by a thin layer of Chrome. Besides the aesthetic bright finish, a Nickel –Chrome finish can achieve a good corrosion resistance and good tolerance to temperature variations.

It is widely used for components such as metal furniture, sanitary equipment, household items and car bright work

Due to the latest changes and developments of the EU legislation, SWMF uses an environmental friendly Trivalent Chrome solution.


Black Chrome Plating combines the high gloss well known from Bright Chrome Plating with an elegant dark black colour. The deposits have a high degree of micro-porosity which produces better corrosion resistance than standard chrome plating. The same micro-porosity gives the coating the ability to absorb and retain oil and paint films which makes it useful for machine tools.

Plating Capabilities

  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Flash Chrome Plating
  • Decorative Chrome Plating (Trivalent Chrome)
  • Black Chrome Plating
  • Challenging plating dimensions can be achieved with the use of sophisticated shielding and auxiliary anodes
  • Precision masking available for selective plating
  • Plating thickness analysis using XRF technology, Magnetic methods

Example Specifications

  • AMS
  • MIL
  • Def-Stan
  • BSEN

Properties Of Chrome Electroplating

  • HARD CHROME: Strong wear resistance, high hardness and low friction coefficient, high thickness
  • FLASH CHROME: Strong wear resistance, high hardness and low friction coefficient, low thickness
  • DECORATIVE CHROME: High reflectivity, bright slightly blue colour
  • BLACK CHROME: High gloss, black aesthetic colour

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